Thursday, November 11, 2010

post 9


 having huge withdraws from new york.
 after class,
 escaping the heat lounging at union square over cheap dinners and music commonly played somewhere     in the park
 i wish i could go back to this.

 this summer i did an architecture course at parsons: the new school.
 it was amazing, and after working until 9 or so at night, it felt amazing to meet up with some friends,
 at union and just relax and escape the city for just an hour.
 this night was one of my favorites. a relatively calm night, after our 'break' at union square,
 we went back to the dorms to change [a necessary action due to the insane heat]
 went back out to sidebar on 15th street to watch the final game of the world cup.
 luckily, it was a spanish filled bar, so when spain won the whole entire block all celebrated.
 hugging random spanish strangers, having them paint you to join in on their celebration,
 was a memory i will never forget.

this night i was wearing a shirt that I picked up at oak nyc's sample sale i mentioned earlier.
[notice the 'oak' in 'broaklyn' took me awhile]
also wearing vince shorts, and converse hightops.

was anyone in ny during the world cup?

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