Tuesday, November 9, 2010

post 7

my parents just recently moved to seattle,
and after visiting them, i became inspired by the beauty.

i have always grown up in the desert; a dry, waterless barren space

but now visiting a little city with a slight hint of ny and the nature integrated like san fran makes for an interesting combination.

it's a weird transformation, my house in az, which once had a room with walls covered in hay [yes, horse feed stuck up on my bedroom walls with a tan paint]... is now replaced structural box floating in the air, a rooftop "yard," and a front desk with an elevator instead of a doorbell with a doormat.

fortunately for me, [and unfortunately for my parents], i get to visit during the beautiful summer month, missing the gray and dreary months.
here are just a few photos

my favorite photo is of my sister looking over the edge of our building.
such an awesome view

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