Tuesday, November 9, 2010

post 6

holy shit h&m.
to be honest, i have never been a fan.
the hype stirred around my neighborhood, especially when the first h&m opened right down the block.
i went to my first h&m a couple years back in boston, and from that moment on, i was not impressed. it seemed like another kind of hollister or ambercrombie for hipsters.

but with recent collections [especially catching my attention when they paired with jimmy choo] h&m seems to be improving immensely.

now, i am most excited for november 23rd, the release of the long awaited h&m and lavnin collaboration.

with my eye looking out for anything h&m, [hoping for a lanvin following] i had a chance to look at their 2011 spring lookbook, and i am impressed.

check it out. i especially like the military jacket with the leather [padding?] on the shoulders.

this is very complete line in my eyes, but two pieces have come to be quite controversial.

the jumpsuit and the sweatpants.
what are your thoughts??

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