Sunday, November 7, 2010

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midlake - roscoe (wizard's sleeve remix)

every time i go to new york i make sure i go to one of my favorite stores, oak nyc.

its one of the greatest stores in NY.

sometimes their stuff can be a little bit dark, but most of the time just straight awesome.
they carry some impressive brands like Raf Simons, Acne Jeans, Filippa K, Jeremy Scott, Ksubi, Opening Ceremony, Superfine Denim, Surface to Air, and not to mention their own brand, A.OK. 

this summer i went to their sample sale [which was insane!] and picked up some pretty good stuff; ill post my findings later.

on bond street, in the heart of soho (close enough to everything but also set back from the annoying crowds running into American Eagle and Billabong on broadway)

along with their store, their website is also thriving.
it is one of the only blogs from a store that i actually follow so check it out

this trip i just got this one watch.


[nixon watch on oaknyc]


Shane Bailey said...

I didn't know they have a on-line shop website~~ thanks!

RawBeautyRawSoul said...

Great post...the watch is so modern~ :)

had to add this just to piss you off~