Wednesday, November 10, 2010

post 8

thank you james merrell!

always, one of my favorite interior architects [yes, not interior designer]
he always has impecable taste, with not one niche.
he dabbles with a muted color pallet and homey furniture to rough and modern design.
i am always impressed by his work, and hope one day he can get his hands on one of my rooms!

also, i love how in a ton of his photos, he includes the models. [not always a paid model, but the owner used as a model]

he likes to use the person who hired him as a way to exhibit his design because he beleives the design reflects their physical appearance. [which i can agree with! just take a look at the lissome blonde next to the beautiful grandfather clock]

here are some of my favorites.



what BEAUTIFUL spaces, the second one is sooo inspiring.

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

Ahh, these photos are divine! I'd be one happy lady if my apartment looked like that!

my.amalgam said...

thanks for the comments,
got to love james merrell,

he has a wide range, for the modern and the homey/french country style yes?