Tuesday, February 8, 2011

post 99

well that's interesting.

sorry to be flooding anyone newsfeed with barneys, but today was the release of their exclusive "blog," but taken to the next level to a fully running website.

im pretty impressed, will definetly follow... but
the first thing i noticed, as the one and only mens fashion post: Top Five Places You Should Be Seen in Prada’s Spring 2011 Looks

it is all about the new spring collection by prada, and it gives it's opinion, which is really a way to swoon you into buying the pieces...

this shown when at the bottom, their is a convenient link to "Complete these looks by shopping Prada accessories for men at Barneys here" 

When you click on the link, [which i have embedded], you get the notice,

Sorry, no items or articles matched your search for "prada".
Please change your search phrase and try again.                            "

a little embarrasing on barney's part, maybe mark lee is falling a little behind.
without updating the release of their first "website" after their fallout with prada is what i consider to be a pretty large mistake.

but other than this, the website is pretty great. i look forward to what's next


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Bor said...

I love the mix of colours!

Anonymous said...