Tuesday, February 8, 2011

post 98

this may be a tad weird,
but a long long time ago, living in arizona, i had a neighbor that i went to school with.
for a few years we were friends, but then went our separate ways due to a change in schools, and i haven't talked to her since grade-school other than the given run-in.

anyways, of course as our world is so connected, [thanks facebook] a girl i haven't communicated with in years, i am still informed of her current life, as she is breaking out into the modeling world.

back then, with her unusual, and what many call "cat-like" face, she wasn't the most "beautiful girl."

but now, after being discovered, at only 16 years old, a junior in high school, two agencies have already grabbed her name.

i think she is stunning, and i believe her unique face will take her far, i am just waiting until i see her in ny, paris, [and] or milan fashion week.

this is kelly from danno watts on Vimeo.

look out for kelly mittendorf


galatea. said...

what a unique face! perfect for editorial/high fashion xx

Alecto said...

isn't it funny how the world works, sometimes? but i can totally see why the modeling world wants to grab her. what an interesting face, indeed.

Laurita P said...

she does have a very unique look! pretty!