Friday, February 18, 2011

post 104

ah i have been so excited to post this!

alexander wang went to my high school in pebble beach, california.
i dug through some old yearbooks and found some old photos to publish in our newspaper.

than randomly, the nymag photo editor emails me asking permission to use them.
i wasn't allowed the release the photos until they were published, and in only a week or so they are already on the nymag website, and she tells me the issue in print will be out soon.

it was just so cool i could be a part of this process, even if it was a pretty minute part.

check out the article here --> ny mag - alexander wang


alex, if you are listening out there, i think a visit back to your first high school is necessary.


Ian said...

Ha cool, that's pretty amazing :-)

galatea. said...

that's classic! what a small world x

Aahna said...

Oh, where did you get this pictures? i adore him, he is the best and his style can be identified miles away. Love.

THE CHEAP said...

awesome. haha


▲▲Lacing Up▲▲ said...

i've been trying to convince pratt to get a wang to come for symposium this year!!! and get me an internship while he's at it...

MagickalGoddess said...

I’ve nominated you for Stylish Blogger Award. Share 7 things about yourself, and nominate 15 other bloggers. ( )

thisiswhatidwear said...

That is VERY VERY cool :D Be proud you were part of that!