Monday, February 7, 2011

post 96

barneys barneys barneys

what started out as a discount clothing store has now become the "greatest specialty store in the world: special, surprising, different, dynamic."

everything from a collaboration with target to a ping pong face off in the men's department during fashion night out, barneys always keeps things "cool."

right now, new CEO mark lee is starting to mix things up even more.
new ceo is stirring up a lot of commotion in the fashion world

the most controversial thing he changed, other than "promoting" simon, is the new famous awnings to the flagship store on madison.

 is now officially....

this change was put in place to match the iconic barneys bags, but i must admit, i don't agree with it at all. the barneys bag was iconic enough, as was the red flare that the store carried.

which do you like better?

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