Monday, February 28, 2011

post 114

member this? --lacing up

looks like lady gaga is participating in the rag & bone DIY project as well, using the same shots from her supreme shoot.

look closely, the supreme boxlogo is now the rag and bone box logo.

i must say, i am pretty much hating gaga's new stuff [song and video released today]
but this is saweet.


▲▲Lacing Up▲▲ said...

ha she would

Beckerman Girls said...

Woooow! sooo cool! Lady Gaga rocks!
xo Big kiss
xo Beckerman Girls

chuck n. said...

i hated the song at first then i realized it was pure pop.

the video sucks though


I saw another of these posters but it said Supreme on the t-shirt rather than Rag & Bone... Love the fluid dress post BTW, the music is amazing, with a great build-up plus the dress is pretty cool too!