Thursday, January 27, 2011

post 87

another artist i just found,
21 year old Phil Defer.
He doesn't necesarily consider himself an "artist," as he is just trying to finish studying refined cabinet-making in paris.

he does, as a hobby, make these reliefs, a 2D photo but cut-out 50-60 layers creating an optic into the depth of magazine pages.
it says it takes him at least 15 hours, and the most difficult part isn't the minute cutting details but choosing the picture itself.


magic said...
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magic said...

it's ... really strange but beautiful

jada and jon said...

pretty cool. very different.

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A La Mode said...

Wow, I really like these! So interesting and unlike anything else I've seen, which is rare these days.

Becky-May said...

wow! what amazing artwork! thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

I love the oddiity and idiosyncrasy of Art; When first glancing at it, it appears as if it has been done quite randomly, however, there are discreet details that conclude his final work. A very interesting discover..thank you! Sure to be visiting you some time :) X Neda X

▲▲Lacing Up▲▲ said...

i found some of his stuff awhile ago ... so awesome